Deer Park VIC


标的资产地址:****** Deer Park, VIC 3023
标的资产估值:$2,500,000 (不包含GST)

Loan Summary

Borrowing entity: **********Pty Ltd
Facility type: First mortgage
Security properties: ****** Deer Park, VIC 3023
Valuation: $2,500,000 (Excl of GST)
LVR: 70% LVR of the valuation
Loan amount: $1,750,000
Purpose: Land
Loan term: 12 months


这块土地位于维多利亚州Deer Park区,暂时是块空置的工业用地,之后计划将该物业开发为一栋三层的商业建筑。它的总面积约为7,336平方米。
该物业所处区域位于墨尔本中央活动区以西约20公里, 该物业交通便利,周边设有公交站和火车站,且在步行就可到达的范围内。
毗邻购物中心,像是Brimbank购物中心和Deer Park露天购物中心都在其附近。

Due diligence

This land is located in Deer Park, Victoria. It is temporarily a vacant industrial land. Later, it is planned to develop the property into a three-story commercial building. Its total area is approximately 7,336 square meters.
The property is located in an area about 20 kilometers west of Melbourne’s central activity area. The property has convenient transportation. There are bus stops and train stations nearby, and it is within walking distance.
Adjacent to shopping centers, such as Brimbank Shopping Center and Deer Park Open Air Shopping Center are nearby.

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