Geelong VIC


标的资产地址:****** Geelong VIC 3220
标的资产估值:$650,000.00(Excl of GST)
贷款比例:60% LVR of the valuation
贷款金额:$390,000 (Based on Current Valuations)
利息:常规利率: 12.5% 每年(在没有违约的情况下)
违约利率: 18.5% 每年(如果发生任何违约的情况下)

Loan Summary

Borrowing entity: **********Pty Ltd
Facility type: First mortgage
Security properties: ****** Geelong VIC 3220
Valuation: $650,000 (Exclusive of GST)
LVR: 60% LVR of the valuation
Loan amount: $390,000 (Based on Current Valuations)
Purpose: Land
Loan term: 6 months
Interest: Normal Rate: 12.5% Higher Rate: 18.5%






Due diligence

This land is located in a residential area in Geelong district, close to the train station and some good primary and secondary schools, and the surrounding properties are in good condition. Overall, the environment is very livable.

Within 2.5 kilometers from the city’s commercial center, and more than 80 kilometers from Melbourne city center

They started by looking for a bank loan, but the result was a delay of more than 9 months but still no results.

After Zank confirmed that we could do it, we worked hard to help him deal with the loan. The loan was successfully settled 6 working days after the borrower signed the legal document.

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