Loan Advisory

Unlike other brokers, our experienced team not only introduces home loan products but also a comprehensive plan and solutions which help home buyers to achieve their financial goals.

How to prepare before purchasing a house?

20% depends on your saving and 80% depends on your loan. How does the bank calculate the 80%? Do you have the ability to obtain the 80%?

Buy your first home

How can you find a good house? Here is some tips for you. After having the budget of buying a house, meeting a professional of home loan is the first step.

How to choose the type of home loan?

There are two main types of home loan, floating rate and fixed rate. Which one is better? It depends on your own circumstances.

The things you need to do after buying a house

Contract, Deposit, Conveyancer, Trust account, Valuation, Loan agreement and Settlement. We can help you for every step until you finally moved into your new home.

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