Melton East 2, VIC



Residential development Site at Outer Melbourne suburb

Term: 18 mths
Loan Purpose: Land Finance
Facility Type: First mortgage
Valuation: $8,500,000
Loan to Value Ratio 60%


Target Return

8.0 % p.a. net




18 months



该贷款是一级抵押贷款,以位于Melton City Council的土地为担保。该抵押物业总面积约12.25公顷,土地形状规则,地形平整。此抵押物业目前尚未开发,将于未来作为开发地块,位于墨尔本远郊的住宅区域内,并包含在拟议的Melton East城市结构规划(PSP)中,该计划目前处于启动前阶段。该抵押物业主要划为城市增长区 Urban Growth Zone (UGZ),其中部分土地被划为城市泄洪区Urban Floodway Zone (UFZ)。

该抵押物业位于墨尔本西北郊区,距离墨尔本CBD西北方向约 30 公里。该地区的铁路设施为Rockbank 火车站,位于该地块东南向约 4.5 公里处。该地区生活便利,零售业发达,周边拥有多个购物中心,均位于该项目约 10 公里的范围内,为该地区居民提供更多的便利设施。教育资源丰富,拥有多所中小学,均在5-10公里以内。交通流量较低,向南方向约 1.5 公里可直达西部高速公路。



鉴于 Melton East区域结构计划(PSP) 尚未开始,目前不确定该抵押物业的可开发区域。 虽然大部分用地划为城市增长区 (UGZ),但约 2.02 公顷的用地划为城市泄洪区 (UFZ)。 这或许不会阻止土地的规划和开发,但是可能会给拟议的细分增加一些复杂性和额外成本。 这可能还包括额外的排水或工地工程。

Due diligence

The loan is a first mortgage, secured by land located in the Melton City Council. The total area of ​​the mortgaged property is approximately 12.25 hectares, the land shape is regular and the topography is flat. This mortgage property is currently undeveloped and will be used as a development site in the future, located in a residential area in the outer suburbs of Melbourne, and included in the proposed Melton East Precinct Structure Plan (PSP), which is currently in the pre-commencement stage. The subject property is zoned Urban Growth with a portion being zoned Urban Floodway Zone under the Melton City Planning Scheme.

The mortgaged property is located in the northwest suburbs of Melbourne, approximately 30 kilometers northwest of Melbourne’s CBD. The railway facility in this area is Rockbank Railway Station, located approximately 4.5 kilometers southeast of the plot. Life in the area is convenient, the retail industry is developed, and there are many shopping malls nearby, all located within about 10 kilometers of the project, providing more convenient facilities for residents in the area. Rich in educational resources, there are many primary and secondary schools, all within 5-10 kilometers. The traffic flow is low, about 1.5 kilometers to the south, there is a direct access to the Western Expressway.

The borrower is an experienced investor who specializes in land investment. The borrower has a good business reputation and healthy asset status, strong financial resources, sufficient cash reserves and debt repayment ability.

Risk Assessment

Given the Melton East PSP is yet to commence, we are unaware of the developable area of the subject property, beyond its zoning. In this regard, while the majority of the site is zoned Urban Growth Zone (UGZ), approximately 2.02 hectares of the subject site is zoned Urban Floodway Zone (UFZ). This may not prevent redevelopment of the land, however, will likely add some complexities and additional costs to a proposed subdivision. This may include additional drainage or site works.