Zank Lending Guide 2022

Debt Advisory

Unlike mortgage brokers or traditional lenders, our experienced team not only provides commercial loans but also a comprehensive funding plan and solutions which help developers to complete their projects smoothly.

Land Banking

The common issue with land banking is a lack of exit strategy and an inadequate rental income to serve interest payments.

  • Rate: from 9%
  • Up to 65% LVR
  • Interest payment: serviced or capitalised
  • Application Fee: 2%-3%
  • Location: Major Cities and Surrounds

Short term Lending

Most large Institution like banks will take a long time to process each loan and usually will not accept short term lending. Our Due Diligence team however can process the loan efficiently and accept short term lending.

  • Rate: from 10%
  • Up to:70% LVR
  • Application Fee: 2-3%
  • Location: Major cities and surrounds

Construction Loan

Every development project has different conditions. Recently banks have restricted construction loan applications. At Zank and Co we can provide more flexible funding solutions based on developers’ interests.

  • Rate:from 9%
  • Up to:80% TDC
  • Application fee:2-3%
  • Location: Major cities and surrounds

Large Construction funding for Chinese Developer in Australia

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