Sydenham VIC


注册地址:******* Sunshine North VIC 3020
标的资产地址:****** Sydenham, VIC 3037
标的资产估值:$3,100,000 (不包含GST)
贷款金额:$2,100,000 (基于当前估值)
利息:常规利率: 11.5% 每年
违约利率: 17.5% 每年

Loan Summary

Borrowing entity: **********Pty Ltd
Registered address: ******* Sunshine North VIC 3020
Guarantor: N*****R****
Facility type: First mortgage
Security properties: ****** Sydenham, VIC 3037
Valuation: $3,100,000 (Exclusive of GST)
LVR: Maximum 68% LVR of the valuation
Loan amount: $2,100,000 (Based on Current Valuations)
Purpose: Settlement of securitised property which will be used for future development purposes
Loan term: 12 months
Interest: Normal Rate: 11.5% Higher Rate: 17.5%
The proposed plan for the property will be to utilise it for future development to construct townhouses.




Sydenham位于维多利亚州西墨尔本Brimbank市地方政府区。 Sydenham的居民人口为10323人,平均收入为742澳元。平均房价为635,016澳元,单元式住宅的平均价位为405,124澳元。 Sydenham的房价在过去3年中增长了37.40%,去年增长了5.56%。 Sydenham的单元式住宅价格在过去3年中增长了33.76%。

该地区拥有良好的文化设施,包括Sydenham / Watergardens小学和天主教地区学院。 Watergardens火车站附近有公交站,也可通过高架桥进入Watergardens购物中心。






地点选择风险:这是Greater Melbourne中一个发展中的地区
风险等级:首次抵押贷款平均值:考虑到借款人在这个行业的经验,贷款比例低的项目风险很小。由于借款人的可服务性和资产的财务状况良好,信用风险也被置于低位。该物业的位置在greater Melbourne。估值风险低于70%,低于我们最大的贷款比例,但最好是60%。我们将该房产的评级为1.7,这是健康的。

Due diligence

The subject property comprises a battle-axe shape vacant residential allotment of approximately 7,556 square metres which benefits from a Planning Approval for a seventy-four (74) unit apartment development over a maximum of four (4) levels. The development will provide electricity, gas, water, drainage, sewerage and telephone to the property.  We believe that due to the location of the property in an already mature residential area and with access to the bypass it presents an attractive property site. It is appropriately zoned for residential development which is essential in our consideration.

Project Risk Location

Sydenham is a suburb located in the Brimbank City local government area of Western Melbourne, Victoria. Sydenham has a population of 10323 residents, with an average income of $742. The median price for houses is $635,016 and the median price for units is $405,124. House prices in Sydenham have grown by 37.40% in the past 3 years and 5.56% last year. Unit prices in Sydenham have grown by 33.76% in the past 3 years.

The area is well serviced with cultural facilities including the Sydenham/Watergardens Primary School and Catholic Regional College. Bus and train services are available at the Watergardens Railway Station which can be accessed by overhead foot bridge also linking with the Watergardens Shopping Centre.

Risk control

To regulate the risk besides controlling the leverage we also look at the background of the borrower as well as their proposed exit strategy in the case of default.

Firstly, the borrower is an experienced developer and runs a business group. He also has shares in multiple investment properties.  We believe that this has assisted in his choice of purchasing the subject property as well as. The borrower will be acting as guarantor has stable income derived from his business and so we do not believe there will be a serviceability issue.

Secondly looking at the exit strategy, the property will be sold or loan facility to be refinanced. Due to the low LVR we are believe that this is an appropriate exit strategy.

Risk Analysis

Project Management Risk: The borrower has not yet started development but however is at the pre-construction phase. After a review of feasibility and such the borrower will either sell the property with approved permit or commence development to which another loan will be sourced.
Credit Risk: The borrower has strong financials in both serviceability and assets
Location Risk: It is a developing area within Greater Melbourne
Gearing Risk: Gearing is within our parameters as presented within our IM at 68% where maximum that we will accept is 70%
Vacant Land and Non-Income Earning Properties: All of the borrows investment properties are income producing
Ranking Risk: First mortgage for settlementAverage: With a low LVR there is little risk we see with this project considering the experience of the borrowers in this industry.Credit Risk has also been placed as low due to strong financials in both serviceability and assets of the borrower.Location of the property is within greater Melbourne.The gearing is under 70% which is below our maximum LVR however 60% would be preferable.We have rated this property a risk rating of 1.7 which is healthy.

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